Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Food Activities

For those teachers who enjoy using food to teach history while simultaneously teaching math, science, and literacy, you may find the following books useful.
  • Nineteenth-Century Lumber Camp Cooking (Exploring History Through Simple Recipes) by Maureen M. Fischer—This book includes many primary sources including textual reprints of loggers' journals and pictures of the camps. The main purpose of the book is to provide non-fiction textual information about the camps; the recipes (though plentiful) are secondary.
  • Cooking Up U.S. History: Recipes and Research to Share with Children by Suzanne Barchers and Patricia Marden—This book offers recipes from throughout U.S. history. Some sections include: Native Americans, Colonies, Revolution, Westward Expansion, and Civil War. In addition, there are recipes from around the nation separated by region. At the end of each section, there are "Library Links" tht offer higher order thinking questions requiring students engage in research on the section topic. Each section also includes a detailed bibliography including fiction and non-fiction books and videos and computer programs.